BabyDam South Africa
  General Procurement

GAPS provide procurement solutions across various industries both locally and internationally, some industries include:
  • Public waiting area furniture
  • Lubricants, oils and greases
  • Textiles and clothing
  • Education equipment and clothing
  • Building materials
  • Mining supplies
  • Scrap metal, metals and minerals

  • GAPS represent a cluster of farmers and suppliers who supply agriculture products and services. GAPS have a joint venture partnership with various agriculture clusters.
  • The businesses concentrate on farming & sourcing to supply quality staple food at the best possible pricing with the benefit flowing vertically through the supply chain, from the producer to the end user.
  • This can be done on a stock availability or a dedicated planting basis.
  • Main farming lines include:
    • White and Yellow Maize
    • Sunflower
    • Wheat
    • Soya
    • Beans
  • We have access to many other supply chain partners and farmers throughout South Africa and internationally who share similar vision and who supply food for orders generated by this alliance. Some of these products include:
    • Maize meal and maize flour
    • Bread flour
    • Rice, salt, sugar, pasta and popcorn
    • Cooking oil, green bar soap, candles
    • Samp & sweet sorghum
    • Nuts (peanuts), sugar beans, soya beans and other beans
    • Fruit, wine and fruit juice
    • Tinned Fish and other canned products
    • Animal feed


  • We have concluded an exclusive distribution agreement for certain baby products for Southern and Sub Saharan Africa.
  • Our flagship product is a world first baby bath called BabyDam
  • BabyDam Bathwater Barrier is a strong and robust bath divider that turns your family bath into a baby bath in seconds. Suitable from newborn to toddlers, it sits neatly and securely inside your household bath. This unique innovation makes bath time a whole lot easier and loads more fun – for you and your baby.
  • BabyDam saves time, saves water, saves heating (energy) and saves money, and less water in the bath means safer bathing for your baby
  • BabyDam is suitable for newborn babies to toddlers

Current and Completed Projects

General Procurement

  • Polokwane International Airport (public waiting area furniture and requirements)
  • Down Town Jebel Ali, Dubai UAE (Street Poles) on behalf of Limitless LLC
  • Lubricant (Lubricants, oils and greases) supplier to wholesalers in Gauteng
  • Appointed procurement provider for Zimbabwe Financial Institution’s clients
  • First Quantum Minerals and Educore Services (All educational products and solutions)


  • SCT food distribution (maize, soya)
  • National Foods Limited (staple food products)
  • ACME Intelligence Products Corporation (bulk maize supply to Taiwan)
  • Consultancy in mineral and food commodity negotiations
  • Metmar Trading
  • African Dynamics

Advertising Material

  • Supplier of Electroluminescence advertising materials, LED displays and electro magnets to corporates e.g. Group 5, Nokia, Investec and SAB.

Baby Products

  • We are the exclusive distributor for BabyDam within Southern and Sub Saharan Africa.




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